Hi! My name is...

Hi! My name is Krzysztof Szczerbowski, and this is my personal webpage on which I would like to put my projects. At the time of writing this post I’m a student at Gdańsk University of Technology, studying Automatics Control and Robotics. Also currently I’m a Technical Student at CERN.

Nowadays most of my time I spend on my project at CERN, which is putting GUI applications (mainly engineering software) into containers and then putting them on a kubernetes cluster. After work I’m an independent developer who is pursuing his dream of creating his own game engine using OpenGL specification. What’s more I also love parkour and freerun. The feeling of freedom and body control in a mid air or while leaping over obstacles gives me a lot of satisfaction. But sometimes when I want to relax or engage more of my brain whilst still resting after work I’m reading a book or merge into the world of music. Sometimes I even try to create something on my own.

I would like to devote this blog to my project that I’m currently working on, as well as to many other side projects, mini projects or those I will do in a future. I certainly don’t want to put any more posts like this one, with just some gibberish about “how’s my life going”, but I felt like this might be nice to introduce myself and give this page a little more personal touch.

If you’re still reading this, dear Reader, then I would like to thank you for the time you spent on going through this post, and I promise that in the future I won’t waste any more of your time, but I will commit myself to spread acquired knowledge and share my passion with you.

Yours truly, Krzysiek